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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rain! Snow!

I was in Dallas at the Dallas Quilt Celebration last weekend. I like to drive around a little when I'm in a new place - get a feel for where I am. I was near the American Airlines (?) Center where the NCAA tournaments were being played. On Saturday morning, I ate breakfast with Arkansas Razorback fans, many of us in sweats & tees (mine said Cincinnati Reds). On Sunday, I was the lone sweatpant/tee-shirt wearer in the midst of a Mary Kay convention. Need I say that I had on the LEAST amount of makeup? Not one to let lack of makeup or matching outfit hold me back, I shared a breakfast table and conversation with some of the MK reps. And a good time was had by all.

It rained on Saturday and and again Sunday, when street flooding was a problem. Not for me - I was inside, watching the lookers. Sundays are typically slow sales days at shows. Lots of "Lookers", few "Buyers". Lookers cruise past my booth, never straying from the aisle. Sometimes they call the attention of a companion to something in my booth, a quilt or fabric which has caught their eye. Both admire it from their aisle location before moving on. The occasional looker who breaks ranks and actually ventures into my booth will typically admire whatever has caught her eye, compliment me on the beautiful colors, and move back into the aisle with the [small] crowd. Sound whiny? Perhaps it is. So, if you are one of the Sunday "lookers" at a quilt show, for God's sake, step into a booth and TOUCH something!

I drove out of Dallas on Sunday night in the rain. Drove very slowly out of Dallas in the rain. Traffic was a mess, with flooded streets and high water in all sorts of inconvenient places. I had planned to drive to Wichita or Topeka or wherever the rain turned to snow, find a motel, and wait out the winter storm. But it just kept raining. So I kept driving. On Monday, somewhere north of Kansas City, the rain turned to snow. Light snow, blowing around more than anything. I didn't see any accumulation until I got into Omaha. I got home, unloaded the trailer, got it stored, and watched the snow begin to fall in earnest. I think we got 8-12 inches on Monday night, on top of the 6 inches which had fallen on Sunday night. I took this picture of Alyssa with the snowman she and Elizabeth built.