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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One Pen, One Paper, Lots of Time

During a visit with Patience last spring, she showed me an assignment from an art class she had taken the semester before. The students were given a cheap see-through ink pen, a sheet of paper, and told to use all the ink on the paper. Additional rules - one side of paper, use shades from dark to pale, no recognizable objects, i.e. no houses, trees. I loved the idea and brought it home for my kids to do as a summer project.

Of course I had to do it too. I am pleased to announce that I am done! Here is my "one pen, one paper" drawing.

My favorite part of the design is something I've been doodling a lot this year.

I experienced a number of conflicting emotions when I saw *MY* doodle in Dianne Firth's piece in Quilt National (Red Wave). I was pleased (maybe my work could be in QN!), surprised (OMG, someone else thought of it), irritated (no one will think my work is original now), relieved (she doesn't do it exactly like I do!)