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Monday, July 16, 2007

Alice’s Fast All-Machine Binding

For samples, baby quilts and charity quilts, I often do my binding completely by machine.
• Pin binding to BACK of quilt, raw edges of binding to outer edge of quilt.
• Sew binding to quilt, using a ¼” seam.
• Fold binding to FRONT of quilt. Press the binding lightly. No need to get a knife edge – you just want the binding to lie in position. Do make sure the miters on the corners are pressed.
• Choose a thread for the top which contrasts with your binding/top if you want the stitching to show or a matching thread if you want the stitching to blend. The bobbin thread should blend with your quilt backing.
• Using a decorative stitch, sew the binding down by machine. My favorite stitch is the zig-zag stitch which has 3 stitches in each leg of the zig. I also like to use a buttonhole stitch. I don't like to use a straight stitch because it can be difficult to keep it a consistent distance from the edge of the binding.


Laura Krasinski said...

Wow.. what a great way to do a binding.. thanks for sharing.

Judy said...

Hi Alice,
I came to your blog after reading your post on the QA list. We have a few things in common. First I read that you are a Reds fan...well, you must be in 7th heaven after their great win over my Braves last night! LOL Then I read further down in your posts and see that you also keep score...I do too! You know, there aren't too many of us left in this world!
I like Zesto's ice cream too!
Take care,

Gloria said...

I thought of this just the other day..thanks for sharing how it works for you and the photos. Now I feel more confident trying it myself...of course, will I need to make a new quilt first.