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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Creating on a Colorful Scale

I find that most of my "creative" time is spent doing something related to business. While dyeing is creative, rewarding and completely enjoyable, more time is spent in marketing, accounting, and other non-fulfilling activities. Let me immediately irritate all those who find accounting fascinating by noting that those individuals whom engineers like myself more or less affectionately refer to as "bean counters" are the ones who coined the oxymoronic phrase "creative accounting".

So it was with great pleasure that I finished updating my business books and found myself with an entire Friday to spend in my studio. I've been designing a floral bouquet to show off the product of my Color Wheel Dyeing class. When I hit a snag in the design, I decided to take a break and make some postcards from the colorful scraps. These small scale creations allow me to a)thriftily use my scraps, b)actually finish a project and c)allow my sub-conscious mind to worry on the larger project's snag while keeping my conscious mind occupied.

I made four postcards. The first two will go to members of The Omaha Postcard Exchange.

Seaweed #1

Fractured Color Wheel #1

Fractured Color Wheel #2

This postcard will go to my sister as a belated birthday card. Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Fractured Color Wheel #3

My husband claimed this one for himself.