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Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Stocking

I do two things every year in late November. I avoid shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, and I make a stocking for the Omaha Quilt Guild's Stocking Challenge . This year, I sent my family off to a movie without me on Friday afternoon and made my stocking. Photos show front and back of stocking.

The orange fabric was the challenge fabric. I chose snowflake and sky fabrics to be a background for my free-hand cut star.

I like to try something on a small scale that I am thinking about for a larger project, so this stocking has crazy-quilted patches. The stitching was done by machine and I didn't fuse the patches onto the background.

I'm happy with the stocking and what I learned: It is easier to start at an "end", rather than work in a circular pattern around a middle.

I hope the child who gets this stocking enjoys it for many years.