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Friday, April 27, 2007

100 Things About Me

I thought it would be difficult to write down this many tidbits of information about myself. WRONG! In no particular order:
1. I'm short for my weight.
2. I learned to read before I started school.
3. I love baseball and the Cincinnati Reds.
4. I have four kids, all by C-section.
5. I like both cats and dogs.
6. I started dyeing my hair in high school.
7. I can quilt, knit, sew, crochet, x-stitch and bead.
8. I am very good at keeping secrets.
9. I am a collector (trolls, crayons, fabric, buttons, baseball cards, blank books, McD toys, yarn, postcards, chiles).
10. I'm a very private person.
11. I love math.
12. I have been known to hold grudges.
13. I listen to my intuition. When I don't, I regret it.
14. I think potatoes are the perfect food.
15. My favorite color is pink.
16. I am a middle child (2 sisters & a brother older, same younger).
17. I knew everyone in my graduating class of 110, almost everyone in the high school.
18. I like to be alone.
19. I've watched The Young & The Restless since 1982.
20. I converted to Catholicism in 1987.
21. I dream every night, in color.
22. I talk in my sleep.
23. I always wear my seat belt.
24. I am very stubborn when necessary.
25. I like living in the city.
26. I have a beautiful smile.
27. I never had braces.
28. I think a pedicure is a wonderful luxury.
29. I always go home from a haircut/style and redo my hair.
30. Comics I always read: Baby Blues, Zits, Sally Forth, Non Sequitur.
31. Foods I dislike: cooked spinach, olives, sardines, lima beans.
32. I don't like to cook.
33. I had a Top Secret security clearance in 1975.
34. I am a great navigator. All I need is a map and a street sign!
35. I love electrical storms. Lightning! Thunder!
36. I'd rather be hot than cold.
37. I have an electrical engineering degree from Arizona State University.
38. I don't like the Designated Hitter rule. Pitchers should bat!
39. I like to sit in the back row in movies, church, school.
40. I've been married 3 times, divorced twice. 3rd time's the charm.
41. I like antique furniture.
42. I like to fly kites.
43. I like to water ski.
44. My favorite car is a Mustang. I've owned two.
45. My favorite album is Jackson Browne's Late For The Sky.
46. I went to college on the GI Bill.
47. My first job was as a waitress at the Red Bird Restaurant in Russells Point, OH.
48. The hardest job I've had is being a mother.
49. I jumped off a high dive board ONCE - to prove to myself that I could.
50. I wear glasses.
51. I recycle & think everyone else should.
52. I love purses, bags, totes.
53. I like to wear funky socks.
54. I make lists.
55. I caught a luna moth on summer night at my grandmother's house.
56. I got my 1st pair of pants (shorts) when I was in 5th grade.
57. I get carsick.
58. My favorite video games are Tetris and Ms. Pacman.
59. I was the first 4-Her to show goats at the Logan County Fair (mid-60s).
60. My favorite artist is Amado Pena.
61. In church, I won't sing any song written after I was born.
62. I can type almost 70 wpm.
63. I dropped out of college (Ohio State) after 1 quarter, walking away from a full scholarship.
64. My favorite desserts are ice cream and cheesecake (not together).
65. I've hiked in & out of the Grand Canyon several times.
66. I eat steak medium rare.
67. I saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (live!) in the late 80's with my oldest daughter & Taylor Kirkman.
68. Sometimes when I look in a mirror, I see my mother.
69. I prefer Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke.
70. I love chocolate.
71. I'm a morning person.
72. My drug of choice is caffeine.
73. I have season tickets to the College World Series after being on the waiting list for 11 years.
74. I don't like to fly.
75. I don't have a favorite holiday.
76. I like to do jigsaw puzzles.
77. I hate to shop.
78. I use commemorative stamps.
79. I do not want a tattoo.
80. I have naturally curly hair.
81. I have very low blood pressure.
82. I have O- blood.
83. I've never broken a bone.
84. My favorite dogs are non-shedding: Chows & Mini-schnauzers.
85. I love to run, but my knees don't!
86. I'd rather deal with an ugly truth than be lied to.
87. I like to have my bed made.
88. I like to drive a stick shift.
89. I love to sing.
90. I have a very high IQ.
91. I have very good fine motor skills.
92. I was named after both of my grandmothers.
93. I like keeping a diary, a journal, a record of events.
94. I keep score at every baseball game I attend.
95. I have trouble going to sleep without a TV on.
96. Cigarette smoke gives me a headache.
97. I've eaten more than one worm from a bottle of tequila.
98. I was standing in line at the end of the day in my 3rd grade classroom when I was told that JFK had been shot.
99. My person mantra: Success is in continuity of purpose (Benjamin Disraeli).
100. I love roller coasters.

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