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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Great Blazer Dyeing Experiment, Final Product

I dyed the blazer for the 3rd (& last) time. I decided to use a large tub this time so the blazer could lie flat. I hoped this would help even out the color. It helped, but the end result was still not an even color. More appealing than the color in Round 2, but not even. Pictures taken inside look pretty good, but full sun shows the extent of the unevenness of color.

Many of my other initial concerns were realistic. The poly thread didn't dye. I haven't found a marker which will color the thread and blend well. The corduroy seems to have shrunk while the lining did not. The jacket doesn't hang as nicely as it did. I knew the lining would not take any color, but the white looks good next to the blue. There weren't any surprises, which means I thought it through.

My client hasn't seen the final result. I don't think she will be satisfied. I wish she had liked the initial dye job. The color was much prettier than the color in the final product! See First Round and Second Round of The Great Blazer Dyeing Experiment.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

I agree...round one was cool! Anyway, a fascinating experiment... and hope she pays you for all the time and effort,

Cheers, Sarah

Shirley Goodwin said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Alice, and leaving helpful comments.

I think round one of your dyeing looked great too! I just don't dye clothing for people after I did some lovely mottled trousers for a man - fortunately, he liked the effect!