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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Almost An Ordinary Day

December 5, 2007. updated my website. dusted family room. washed my cell phone. sold some fabric. ate cookies. colored my hair. washed dishes. wrote checks. cleaned litter box. sewed. read email. drove carpool. made doctor's appointment. updated palm pilot. watched the news. read a book. made a list. mailed letters. took out trash. brushed the cat. shredded papers. folded a quilt. talked to myself. woke up girls. watered cactus. had sex. did a load of laundry. called dh. listened to dd read her essay. ate crackers. drank diet pepsi. ignored the bathroom scale. was rude to a telemarketer. found the new box of frosted flakes in the pantry for dd. listened to voice mail. brushed my teeth. drove to tkd studio. hugged dh. uploaded photos to flickr. urged dd to get out of bed set timer. got the mail. sent email. turned off lights. washed my hands. fed cat. walked upstairs. walked downstairs. ironed fabric. smiled. emptied lint trap. checked size of furnace filter. measured and cut fabric. wrote notes on quilt construction. talked on the phone. sat quietly. took a shower. searched for my cell phone. soaked spaghetti-stained spoon in bleach. put neighbor's trash can by her garage door. recycled paper. talked to the dog. listened to the wind blow. sang along with the radio. gave the dog a treat. cooked supper. saw christmas lights. listened to book on cd. lit a candle. watched the weather channel. loaded the dishwasher. waited for dd to get out of dance class. drank water. mourned for the 8 victims of a senseless shooting spree at westroads mall.

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Jeri said...

it was shocking and horrible, wasn't it... I've read your post several times, and it stirs me every time. ((hugs))