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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day Should Be in April

Friday? March? Really? The season isn't long enough already? Let's not wait for the first Monday in April. Next thing you know, they'll introduce some stupid rule to let another player hit for the pitcher. Oh. Yeah. That stupid DH rule.

Well. At least the Reds are playing at home. Some traditions haven't been throw out. Yet. Versus the Brewers. Not a made-for-tv matchup. I realize that. And the game isn't on ESPN. ESPN, you suck! Who cares about drawing a large audience? I'm a REDS FAN! And like the other five Reds fans in Nebraska, I can't see a Reds game on tv. EXCEPT ON OPENING DAY! Thanks, ESPN, for screwing up the entire start of the season for me. You suck!
I'm going to drown my baseball sorrows by watching a triple-header. And while I watch, I'm going to work on my Baseball Bucket List. The baseball Fan's Bucket List, 162 Things You Must See, Do, Get & Experience Before You Die, by Robert Santelli & Jenna Santelli. I know I can check off a bunch of them. I've seen Major League and The Natural, collected baseball cards, kept score, owned a glove. And more from the list. And today, I'm going to document those. I'm going to remember Pacific Coast League games and learning to keep score in high school. I'm going to make some plans to read some baseball books. I'm going to wallow in baseball, since I can't watch my beloved Reds play.

Play Ball!


Caitlin said...

But, I get to watch the Yankees :)

Nancy in KY said...

come visit me, Alice! we get all but a handful of the games. plus, except for opening day, we can always get tickets to the games.

Nancy in KY (just a couple of miles from Great American Ballpark)

Nuisance said...

Ok, I'm a bit confused. Friday is April 1st. Why do we have to wait for Monday? Really?- there are 6 Reds fans in Nebraska? ...are all of them alive, or are you counting the dearly departed? 6? WOW !!! Stupid DH rule...ESPN sucks! (haven"t I heard that somewhere before?)

alice said...

Nuisance, Opening Day is traditionally the first Monday in April. I hate it when they change things!