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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kudos to Alltel!

First - a word from our sponsor with my Experiment Results.

Which were mixed. I dyed two pieces of fabric with the identical dye in different amounts of water. The results didn't support my hypothesis. The length of fabric dyed with more water had more texture than the other piece. Why doesn't more liquid = more even color? Hmmm. I'm surprised. I'll have to repeat the experiment before I accept these results.

Kudos to Alltel!
After using the modern day equivalent of chewing gum & baling wire (hot glue) to "fix" my phone, I wasn't really optimistic about using it. The flip phone was glued in the open position, which made it impossible to fit in my pocket, my purse, or anywhere else. So I was pleased to get both an email and a phone call from Alltel after I contacted Scott Ford & a couple other Alltel Big Guns. The end result was exactly what I wanted - I got a replacement phone. I was willing to pay for a new phone, but got a freebie. A used freebie, but hey - my sad sack broken phone is permanently retired.

I am pleased! I can return to bragging about my wireless phone service, which works when Verizon & my On-Star phone don't. I can carry my phone in my pocket! Thank you Alltel! And thanks to Peggy Seals, Executive Customer Relations, whose efforts made it happen.

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Chuck said...

Wow a phone company that helped you out. Wow just wow.