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Saturday, May 13, 2006

SSDD at Alltel

All this because I wanted to be a safe driver. Heading out to a friend's house, I knew I would be driving through the Dodge-144th St Construction Zone. My cell phone was in the pocket of my shorts. I *knew* I would get a call just as I got to 132nd Street. And I also *knew* that I would never be able to get the phone out of my pocket and answer it, while simultaneously checking out construction progress, keeping under the 35 mph speed limit, and staying safely within the confines of the one-weavy-open-eastbound lane. So before I got into my truck, I took the phone OUT of my pocket to put it with my purse on the passenger seat. It slipped out of my hand, but was not able to stick the landing on the concrete garage floor. A small bounce and small pieces sailed off. My phone was now in two pieces held together by the connecting wires, instead of the usual hinges.

No really big deal, I thought. I'll go down to Alltel tomorrow & pick up a new phone. Maybe a Blackberry, or a Palm Treo, or even better, a RAZR just to irritate my teenager. But no!

Now, I've been an Alltel wireless customer since 1995, before they were Alltel. And every time I want to upgrade a phone or my calling plan, I have (with only minor complaints to the salesperson) signed a new contract. BTW, that would be a take-it-or-leave-it contract, not open for negotiation. Today, when I went in with my sad story and my broken phone, I got this BS: "You are not eligible for any of our phone specials because your current contract doesn't expire until October." I'm willing to sign a new contract, I just don't want to pay their inflated "retail" price for a phone!

I'm going to try either the hot glue gun or super-glue to make my phone somewhat usable while I figure out a way around Alltel's STUPID & INFLEXIBLE policies. Anyone know Scott Ford's (Alltel Prez & CEO) email or phone number?

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