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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Silk Noil??

An identification crisis! I acquired a bag of fiber that I *think* is tussah silk noil. There are four distinct "pieces" - two are light brown and two are white.

There are burn tests for cotton/poly/wool fabrics. Is there one for silk? Can you help me ID this fiber?


Cary said...

The only thing I found was the following:

Silk is a protein fiber and usually burns readily, not necessarily with a steady flame, and smells like burning hair. The ash is easily crumbled. Silk samples are not as easily extinguished as cotton or linen.


I read somewhere else that silk may go out once the flame is removed.

Tanguera said...

The brown on the left almost looks like kapok, a fiber from the tree of the same name that is used for stuffing teddy bears.

k baxter packwood said...

You can send me a sample of each and I can identify them for you, it's really hard from pictures. I hve some silk fiber that looks like noil but it isn't.