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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Blatant brag: I can grow anything outdoors in the Midwest. But my green thumb seems to turn dark inside. So I was VERY thrilled to see buds on one of my Christmas Cactus last week! I have two cacti - the blooming one was an impulse purchase at the grocery store last year. The other is a cutting from a 100-year-old plant given to me by my friend, Mary R. I almost killed that one (sorry Mary!). While the plant has recovered, it shows no sign that it plans to thrive & bloom. Sort of a teenage attitude - "I'll live here with you & tolerate everything, but you can't make me bloom". The funny thing is that the two plants sit side by side on my kitchen table, in the same size pots, getting the same benign-neglectful care. As with my teenagers, I'll just take what I can get, knowing they will surprise me with a bloom somewhere down the road.

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