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Monday, February 11, 2008

I Meant to Write Sooner.....

Time flies when you're busy. Trite but true. I wanted to complain about the ultra-cold weather we are "enjoying" in Omaha and post a picture of the snowman in our yard. I meant to tell you about the pair of eagles I saw sitting in a tree overlooking the Platte River. I've been dyeing both wool roving and cotton fabric in wonderful luscious colors that I wanted to show you. I was going to brag a little about the beautiful pincushions I've been making. I could have shown you my new quilt, ColorWheel Constellation. But I had Things To Do, Places To Go, People to See. Blogging was put off in favor of getting people where they need to be, on time and (mostly) well fed. I'll skip the details of those so-last-week items and tell you about the weekend.

DH, DDs & myself went to see Phantom of the Opera, at the beautiful Orpheum Theater.

The production is superb! The re-creation of the chandelier from the Paris Opera House is incredible. It was raised & lowered (fell) using well-engineered machinery which made the fall Very Realistic. Since I couldn't take a picture of the real thing, I'm substituting a picture of one chandelier which hangs in a staircase in the Orpheum. Not as ornate or as large!

The story and the music were enthralling. The costumes, especially those worn during the masquerade ball, were fabulous. (Better than the fashion on the red carpet at the Grammy's!) All the costumes were so complex, layers that moved and shimmered and sparkled, in a riot of color. I wouldn't enjoy wearing those heavy, multi-layered dresses in place of my t-shirt and jeans, but I love them on-stage! Come to think of it, I wouldn't wear most of the dresses shown on the red carpet either!

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