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Friday, February 20, 2009

Prom Dresses - Color and Bling!

Prom dress shopping - not the most anticipated event on my calendar! Find something DD likes (minimal pouf), in a Mom-approved style (not too revealing) and an acceptable price range before my shopping clock strikes midnight and I run screaming from the store. We went to Black Tie, White Satin in Fremont, Nebraska. The Prom Loft (400 dresses!) was full of color! A rack of 7 orange dresses, each a different shade caught my eye & had me returning over and over. None of them fit our criteria, but the colors were beautiful! Another collection with colors ranging from pink to magenta to almost purple were wonderful as well. Animal prints were big, but tiger stripes in any color combination say the opposite of "Prom Dress" to me! The acid green dresses were beautiful, but not right for DD's skin tones.

The black dresses are always my favorites. Start simply and jazz it up! I love the way the designers use bling to create their designs of repetitive straight lines, wavy lines and organic waves. Without my camera, I could only sketch. Wanting more color, I picked up several booklets of photos, which resulted in this collage:

P.S. We were the only one of the 3 mother-daughter pairs to decide on a dress. It is ordered - now to find gold shoes.....

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Tigg said...

I remember prom dress shopping with my Mom. I've never been a tiny person, and finding one my junior year that fit was hard enough. My senior year was another story. Nothing in the store fit, or if it did, I hated it. Thus, my senior prom dress was made by my Mom, off a wedding dress pattern, minus the train, in white satin with a dotted swiss overlay, fairly low cut (especially given that I've been well-endowed since my "buds" bloomed...I went from flat chested to not seeing my feet) but Mom was okay with it because the overlay part went all the way to my neck, even though it was see-through. Gorgeous dress, cost way more than a store-bought one would have but one of a kind for sure!