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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My 15 Minutes of Fame Are Here!

Andy Warhol said it in 1968. I've been waiting 41 years (41 YEARS!) and I think my time in the spotlight is here.

Drum roll, please............ I am being featured in HandiQuilter ads in a number of national quilting magazines. It is exciting to open the October issue of Quilter's World and see my face on the first page. Go get your copy now & look! I'll wait. And I'm in Quilters Newsletter, too! Page 23, in case you want to find it quickly.

How did it happen? HandiQuilter asked owners to submit their stories online. You can read My HQ Story. Plus you can see me as a redhead! Fifteen of the stories were selected as winners, with the writers to be featured in print ads. And I'm the first one in print!! My 15 minutes of fame!

p.s. Read the other My HQ Stories too! They are funny & interesting and touching. I can't wait to meet the other winners at the special HandiQuilter Retreat later this month!

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