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Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Things To Do In Florence, Nebraska

I went to a fun little quilt show this week at the Mormon Trail Center. There are about 60 quilts, enough to make going worthwhile. Most of the quilts are traditional, with a sprinkling of contemporary quilts. The show is called "Every Quilt Has A Story", and almost every quilt has a label which tells a story. Some stories are about the quilter, some are about the quilt. The stories made even the plain jane one-patch quilts more interesting. Of course, a variety of fabrics will always draw me in, but knowing how and why a quilt came into being keeps me interested! Had there been a viewers choice, I would have voted for the wedding gown made from silk parachute fabric! Not a quilt, I know, but such a beautiful dress! My favorite display was this old wagon draped with quilts all made by one woman for members of her family. Her name was Ambernettie - isn't that the neatest name you've heard in a long while?

After seeing the quilts, we went shopping at a little store called Prairie Piecegoods. We had a little trouble finding it, but were really glad we persisted! It isn't a typical quilt shop. She has an eclectic variety of fabrics, some new, some vintage, some home dec weight. There are vintage quilt blocks and new chef hats, jars full of thread spools, dolls and rabbits, books & postcards, china, ribbons & buttons & laces & trims and even a basket of yarn! Christmas stockings and old linens, sewing machines and jars of buttons. It is one of those shops where you just have to poke around, lift things & look everywhere to make sure you don't miss finding a treasure you didn't know you needed! For me, it was the postcard of the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, which I will send my sister, who LOVES to go to their fabulous Sunday Brunch to celebrate special occasions!

If you are a quilter looking for something to do in the Omaha area, check out these two. You'll be glad you did!

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