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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Close Encounters with a Hawk!

We have snow. A LOT of snow. Around two feet fell in December, more already in 2010, and another storm is expected to dump 3-5" on Omaha tomorrow. When the snow started on December 8th, we made sure the bird feeder was full. The birds who come to our feeder include birds we like - cardinals, blue jays, juncos, finches and wrens, birds we don't have strong feelings about - doves and sparrows, and birds we could do without - starlings and grackles. One unexpected visitor was this sharp-shinned hawk.

He (she?) saw the birds around the feeder as a full menu buffet! We're happy he is catching just starlings (so far!). So revolves the circle of life!

He has been back a couple of times - see more of the pictures I took of our hawk on flickr.

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Anonymous said...

I used to blame the neighbor's cat for the bird feathers in my back yard until I saw a juvenile red-tailed hawk catch a mourning dove.

I'm not wild about cleaning up the mess, but I love to watch the hawks sitting in the tree dreaming of dinner.

Kathy A.