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Monday, March 22, 2010

HandiQuilter 16 For Sale!

Author's Note added 3/27/10: Machine is SOLD!

Just one year ago, I bought an HQ 16. I've upgraded to a bigger machine, so want to sell my first baby. It is an HQ 16, on a Studio Frame (the best!). It is one year old, has the new handles with tilt screen. Comes with all the usual stuff - external bobbin winder, Front and Rear Handles, Stitch Regulator, laser light, Velcro leaders.

It is in EXCELLENT condition, and comes with a warranty! Yes, my warranty is transferable! Asking price $6000. Email me ( or leave contact info in a comment. Financing may be available. Price does not include shipping from Omaha, Nebraska.

1 comment:

Approachable Art said...

I wish I could afford both the money and the space!! What an adorable blog you have, it's going on my list of must-reads! :D