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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One-Handedness Sucks.....

Trigger Finger Release surgery has made my right hand unusable for a while. Being one-handed makes so many daily tasks difficult or impossible. Leave the top off my painkillers please! Once I am past the pain, I am going to be bored silly or very frustrated! Try washing ONE hand!

The reality of being one-handed for at least a week is much harder than when it was just something that would happen "after surgery". Typing one-handed isn't hard, just slow. Using a right-handed mouse with my left hand takes conscious and deliberate thought. Texting is easy. Evidently, I use both hands all the time!

I can't sew. I can't load a quilt on my HandiQuilter. I have squares for 3 Nickel Quilts cut, hoping I can piece in a few days. I can watch tv, although I already know that daytime tv was invented to make sick people go back to work. I have already re-watched Tuesday's LOST episode (Ab Aeterno) to see what I missed when I dozed off.

I can't cut vegies or make a sandwich. Haven't even thought about cooking. I'll take store-bought cookies to the Orchestra pot-luck. I may not eat there, as balancing a plate is not do-able! I don't think one-handedness is a very good diet plan. Too easy to eat Junk!

I can drive! Not the Mini, with a stick. My truck, with power steering, hands-free phone & on-the-wheel controls. I can't carry or lift, so shopping is out. I can take my daily walk with Casey. Please rain, hold off until after 3 pm!! Have to wear Crocs - no shoe tying done here!

I can't write. At least not legibly! I can print oversized, poorly shaped letters, not as well as most kindergartners. I have to stick with easy sudokus & crossword puzzles with larger squares. My daughter put my eyeliner on for me this morning!

May I have some cheese with this whine?

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Chris said...

Find a good book and curl up! Hope you're on the mend soon.